Financial analytics for MSPs and businesses selling recurring services 

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Grizzly is purpose-built for MSPs and recurring services businesses, delivering insight into exactly what is impacting revenue and margin at all levels of granularity.

While there are a number of analytics products built for SaaS companies that sell a limited number of subscriptions, there isn’t an application that provides financial analytics for companies selling a vast range of services on a recurring basis, such as an MSP.

On the surface, this difference probably seems insignificant, but the analysis involved in a business that offers more than a single service is exponentially more complex. With multiple types of services being sold on a recurring basis, several additional drivers of revenue and margin come into play, which offers more potential for insight.

Our objective is to deliver financial transparency that is not brought to the surface by traditional accounting tools. We are uncovering both problems and opportunities so you can quickly understand where you’re currently doing well and where you can improve.


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