Understand your recurring revenue with Grizzly

Grizzly has been designed and built for MSPs and businesses selling multiple services on a recurring basis.

After a simple integration, our software quickly provides you with a complete view of your company's financial performance by seamlessly surfacing key information hidden by traditional reporting.

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Beautiful interactive dashboards

Free yourself from the frustration of spreadsheets and complicated BI platforms. Let Grizzly deliver a clear picture of your financial performance.

There is no manual configuration required, everything is pre-built and ready to go after a 15-minute integration.

Everything from importing your data to using the application is kept simple, so you can focus on what matters.  


Understand what's driving growth

Intuitive drill-through functionality allows you to quickly discover what’s driving changes in your recurring revenue and margin at all levels of granularity.

Our software delivers insight into data at the highest company-wide level, all the way down to detailed information about individual services, clients, and their invoice data.

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Powerful insights about customers and services

Grizzly automatically creates dashboards for every individual client and service within your organisation, offering detailed financial visibility at the most granular level.

We complement the information found within a CRM and provide salespeople with a deep understanding of cross-selling and upselling opportunities. 

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Easily drill-down to view your invoice data

Seamlessly navigate to your invoice data within three clicks.  

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Simple and fast integration

Grizzly makes it easy to get started. Import your invoice data with a process that takes less than 15 minutes. 

Integrate with your accounting system, billing platform or upload a CSV. 

Invoice data is the only data required for the application to function.


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Grizzly FAQs

What does Grizzly do?

Grizzly turns your raw invoice data into intuitive dashboards that enable your MSP to measure, track and improve financial performance. This provides you with a clear understanding of the financial performance of your company’s clients, services, and salespeople without the hassle of working with spreadsheets, clunky reporting tools, or complicated BI platforms.

How does Grizzly work?

Grizzly feeds the data from your accounting and billing system into our proprietary analytics engine which analyses financial performance. This data is then presented to you in the form of dashboards which contain actionable insights that you can leverage to improve performance, all from within your browser.  

How long does it take to set up?

If we already have a connector that works with your existing systems, we can get you set up very quickly. An integration typically takes less than 15 minutes. Otherwise, our team will build a connector for you free of charge.

What types of businesses is the application suitable for?

Grizzly has been designed and built for companies selling multiple services on a recurring basis. Managed Service Providers and software distributors are examples of businesses that the application is suitable for.

How is Grizzly different?

While there are a number of analytics applications geared towards SaaS companies that sell a limited number of subscriptions (often just one with a few different tiers), there isn’t an application that provides financial analytics for companies selling their customers a range of services.

On the surface, this difference probably seems insignificant, but the analysis involved in a business that sells more than one service is exponentially more complex. With multiple types of services, several additional drivers of revenue and margin come into play, which in turn offers more potential for insight.

How long does it take to set up?

If we already have a connector that works with your existing system, we can set you up immediately. Otherwise, our team will build a connector to your accounting system, free of charge.

Is there an implementation fee?

No, we don’t charge an implementation fee.

What data is required in order for Grizzly to work?

Company invoice data is the only data required for the application to function.  

How does pricing work?

We like to keep pricing simple, and we also want companies of all sizes to benefit from what we have built. To achieve this, we have multiple pricing tiers that are based on your monthly recurring revenue.

Will I be locked into a long-term contract?

No, Grizzly is provided as a service on a monthly basis and there is no minimum commitment.

How do I get technical support?

You can either send us a message via live chat, which you can access on our website or within Grizzly while logged in. Alternatively, you can email our support team at [email protected] 

Where is my company data hosted?

Grizzly Software utilises market-leading cloud hosting services from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Currently, all data is hosted in Amazon’s Australian data centres.

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Grizzly is a very valuable tool in my role as an Account Manager. Information about how my clients are performing is accessible in just a few clicks and available in well-presented, intuitive dashboards. I now have financial transparency across my clients down to a SKU level and a clearer understanding of their financial performance within our business.

Where I have previously struggled to collate this information through other accounting tools, I no longer have to navigate different applications, run cumbersome reports or waste valuable time in spreadsheets. I am able to use the output from Subscription Analytics for direct input into account planning and my time is now spent having better conversations with customers.

Hunter Tretheway
Account Manager, OneNet

Grizzly has helped us better understand our clients in a way that we couldn’t get from our accounting system or spreadsheets. The interactive dashboards and custom reports provide valuable insight into the profitability of our customers, services and subscriptions. We love that is it so easy to use and saves us time!

Deena Davis
Finance Manager, OneNet

Grizzly has provided me with more transparency than I could see from traditional accounting or financial tools, well beyond invoice line data, telling a story as to what was really behind the numbers.

I had previously struggled to easily find these insights because they were far more manual, and therefore, not repeatable from month to month. The application has alleviated my frustration with the lack of visibility in financial reporting. I now have a much clearer understanding of the financial performance of my company’s clients, services and salespeople.

Most importantly, with this knowledge, I can now make much better and more timely decisions and changes.

Miles Valentine
Founder, SalesBuilder